01. A couple of students always [linger] after class to ask questions.
02. The smell of her perfume [lingered] in the air long after she had left the room.
03. I would rather die quickly and painlessly than [linger] on and suffer.
04. A lot of kids [lingered] around after the dance, chatting amongst themselves.
05. My friends left the party around midnight, but I [lingered] around for a couple of hours after that talking with a cute girl I met there.
06. We are thinking of going to the U.S. for our holidays, but we're having some [lingering] doubts because of the high exchange rate.
07. Any [lingering] doubts we may have had regarding her ability to do the job have been erased by her excellent work on our current project.
08. The smell of smoke [lingered] in the air for hours after the fire had been put out.
09. After one last, [lingering] kiss from his girlfriend, the young man boarded the train.
10. Any [lingering] hopes the team had of making the playoffs have ended with this loss tonight.
11. Questions still [linger] regarding the sudden death of the rebel leader while in police custody.
12. The Roman philosopher Seneca once observed that the primary sign of a well-ordered mind is a man's ability to remain in one place, and [linger] in his own company.
13. My grandmother was very sick, and it was terrible to watch her [linger] on in pain for months before she finally died.
14. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote that knowledge comes, but wisdom [lingers].
15. There is an old proverb which states that opportunities may come, but they never [linger].
16. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, socializing often means [lingering] in a café, talking with friends.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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